Thursday, March 21, 2013

Letters to our Children ::March Blog Circle::

It's time for another post to our monthly blog circle of  "Letters to Our Children". Be sure to hop on over to Tiffany's letter to her oldest daughter.

Dear Sweet Owen,

Phew! You are finally asleep. It's the only time you ever stop moving You were such a laid back baby and then the minute you could walk, you could also climb and run and destroy everything you could get your chubby little hands on.

 You have such a sweet exploring spirit, always so curious, which can get you in trouble in ways your big brother and sister never even attempted (hello, first child to flush things down the potty, fall down the stairs, smack dogs and your baby brother, stand on top of the kitchen table, crawl under the baby gate, color on every piece of furniture/wall/carpet/object within your reach, and outsmart pretty much any baby-proofing that was done!).
You follow "bubba" and "sis-sis" around everywhere, repeating every word they say, "right mama?" You adore them so.
You think SisSis hung the moon, she isn't too sure about you (even two years later, I think she's still mad that you stole the spot of baby from her).

You love to snuggle, you always want to climb up (though you say "down please" when you mean "up") into our laps and see what we are doing or read another book. (Your favorite book is Little Blue Truck, up till a few weeks ago it was "Little Blue Gutch" but another baby word has disappeared from your vocabulary and it's "Truck" now).
It seems like just yesterday you literally were the baby in the first picture, snuggled sweetly in your crib by the light of your glow worm. So hard to believe and remember each day that you are actually a big brother (with so much love for baby brother). And at the same time, you are still a baby yourself- two can seem so old when comparing you to Liam, but really isn't old at all. Though you try and keep up with Gavin and Ellie, your little legs can only carry you so far. (You run like a penguin waddles- it's adorable by the way).

 You try so hard to be a big helper, you throw (with decent aim) your dirty dishes in the sink...stretching way up on your tippy toes to do it. You love to help unload the dishwasher, though I'm not sure why you love the knives and breakable dishes so much. You help me put groceries on the conveyor belt, you greet everyone we see out and about with your adorable little grin and a big "Hi!". Your favorite things are a collection of blankies and you are never far from a pair of rainboots or your "dee coat" (you love all things deer and reindeer).
 Unlike big brother you do not like bugs, and happily squish any you find much to Gavin's horror. You do love picking me flowers just like brother, so long as there's not bugs near the flowers.

You are the happiest, sweetest little critter and I love that you still want me to hold you and snuggle you when you take the time to slow down. May you always be so cheerful and loving and full of delight and joy in the tiniest of things as you grow older.

And may you slow down...just a little. Mama has trouble keeping up with your crazy busy little self sometimes. But it's also why I can't resist coming in to watch you sleep by the light of your glow worm, deep sweet warm breaths in, chubby little fingers twitching in sleep, you will always be my sweet baby three.

Love, Mama.


  1. Oooh this is so lovely, he is just so cute! And I want that reindeer coat!

  2. Argh! I commented the other day, and it made me sign out and sign in again, but still didn't show up! I absolutely ADORE these images, the first is especially divine. That jacket is just too gorgeous! You've captured his personality perfectly with your words.

  3. Oh, SUCH a sweet, sweet love! This is seriously my favorite age, and he sounds just like all the things I love about this age. :)

  4. Oh these words are beyond precious. It's so exciting and sad at the same time when they baby words fade away ... These were precious images and I loved getting to read your words as well <3