Monday, April 22, 2013

Letters to Our Children ::April Blog Circle::

It's time for another installment in the "Letters to Our Children" blog circle- when you're done here- stop by Lindsey's letter to her middle son.

 Dear kiddos, It's a big month for us. Soon it's going to be just us vs the crazy world.

Daddy has to head off to the "dessert" soon and while I know there's going to be sad days and rough days, I think at the end of it all, we'll still be glad we've been in it together. We will have plenty of fun adventures and we'll do our best to keep daddy part of the family while he's gone. We will laugh and play and cry and stomp our feet all together. (Owen you've already got that part down...maybe you can share some of your expertise with the rest of us!?)

Mostly, I hope you'll look back at the end of this,  especially when you're grown ups and remember it as a mostly good time. Yes, having Daddy gone sucks, to put it plainly. But we are a strong family and I think we will learn that we are resilient and tough but that it doesn't hurt to ask for help either when we need it. Here's to new adventures and friends and may time fly! (and only time- Owen, no more flying glasses of milk okay!?)

Love, Mama


  1. Loving these images, Liz! SO sweet. I know the kids (and you)will treasure them while your hubs is away. Stay strong mama!

  2. What a GORGEOUS set of images! I'm seriously impressed that you can get that many children in an image and everyone looks great! Hang in there mama.

  3. Oh these are gorgeous images Liz! I really hope the time passes quickly, your kiddos are so lucky to have you as a Mama. P.S. Why am I not closer to you, so I could hire you to take my family pictures!

  4. Oh you are the MOST adorable family ever! These are incredible images. Even though they are so definitively your style, please tell me someone else took them, because if you set all this up I'm gonna die of envy! So perfect. It has to suck, Daddy being away, but you and your gorgeous ones will get through this, Mama xxxx .

  5. You have such a gorgeous family Liz! I hope the next six months go by so quickly for you guys. These images are all just so amazing- I can just see the love that you have for each other. I just adore the second. Gavin looks so sweet holding on to his daddy's side.

  6. Found your blog through CM! Love your chicken pics! They really crack me up! I especially love the one with the chicken and the sparkles on her "toes".

    Anyway.. im also a military wife and my hubby is also in the "sandbox". Been gone since Feb and wont be back till October. Wish we would have done some family pics before he left!

    Hope time flies for you!

    Beautiful family!