Thursday, August 11, 2011

five months old.

I can't believe Owen is already five months old. It's hard to imagine he was this small and snuggly....

owen- nb

These days he's on the move- usually rolling wherever he wants, though he can get up on his elbows and knees and "crawl" backwards. He's still the world's happiest baby and adores his big brother and sister.

owen- 5 months

Life is definitely crazier with three little ones, but we are surviving ! :) It's hard with Daddy gone right now, we definitely miss him. He's absence also influences how many sessions I'm able to take on, so I just wanted to share that I have limited availability for the fall . Also since we are moving in December, I want to make sure if you're thinking about fall sessions (for Christmas cards or the like) be sure to book soon!

I'm getting excited about an upcoming birth session- any day now! Be sure to check back in a few days for a sneak peek! It's amazing how fast they grow up...especially the third time around!

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